Please Don’t Come Back From The Moon

“Bakopoulos’ endearing first novel . . . is a tale that, despite the boys’ empty longing, is full of hope.”


DEAN BAKOPOULOS’ first novel, Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon, was a New York Times Notable Book; he co-wrote and co-produced the film adaptation, which debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was a New York Times Critics’ Pick. His second novel, My American Unhappiness, was named one of the year’s best novels by The Chicago Tribune, and his third novel, Summerlong was an independent bookstore bestseller and is now in development as a television series.


“There is no better guide through a hot summer in the heartland than Dean Bakopoulos.”

Jane Hamilton, The Book Of Ruth and A Map Of The World

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Hey readers and writers! Don’t miss @dwaynebetts and @KieseLaymon at @Prairie_Lights on Monday! It’s going to be a wonderful reading/convo. 🖤♥️🥰

My American Unhappiness

“Dean Bakopoulos is a writer to watch, a novelist to cherish.”

Peter Straub, author of A Dark Matter